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Dan Noyes – Proven Internet Marketing Consultant

The potential opportunities for marketing your organization online have never been greater yet correctly seizing these opportunities can be a daunting task. As a consultant I’ve not only worked with Fortune 1000 firms, but also small to mid-sized companies that are looking to maximize their online investment. My specific areas of expertise include search engine optimization strategy development and execution, paid search listing campaign development, web user analysis with a focus on web user behavior, e-mail marketing program, website audits, and web usability analysis.

Dan Noyes Core Internet Marketing Consulting Competencies:

  • Search engine optimization strategy development and execution. The goal is to determine your potential online market, size of competition, technical requirements to gain top search positions, and guidance about how to start a search engine optimization program.
  • Web user analysis. What people do on a site? Why they do it? And how the process can be improved for more effective user experiences.
  • Creation of Website Benchmarks and Metrics. One of the most important parts of any web marketing program is establishing the effectiveness of the current website. In other words how will you know if the website is successful.
  • Web Development Consulting and Process Improvement. Having worked on scores of sites I’ve seen what works, what technologies provide the smoothest path to long-term success and things to avoid when choosing a web developer. I will work with you to make sure your best interests are always paramount throughout the process and that you have a rapid path to return on your investment.
  • Staff Training and Education. I routinely help train non-technical staff members regarding how to best utilize online technologies for sales and marketing purposes.

Dan Noyes Consulting Results

  • Increase Fortune 100 company website traffic by over 80 percent in six months.
  • Create internet marketing program and web site that produces hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business within three months of site launch.
  • Provide guidance to nationally recognized travel website that helped to increase sales by over 200 percent in first year.
  • Train large travel and tourism organization how to effectively e-mail new audiences while abiding within new anti-spam legislation.
  • Help international Fortune 500 company launch new website on-time and on-budget as well as work with them to build marketing infrastructure for the website through the use of e-mail marketing and search engine optimization.